Version differences and which Emus?
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Version differences and which Emus?

Good morning all,

I was wondering if there's any differences between the consoles and I was also wondering which Emus are allowed to be used are there any which are banned?




PS1 suck so dont run that.

PSP is the only good version FrankerZ

PPSSPP is allowed, for NES: Nestopia.

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"PS1 suck so dont run that." UM EXCUSE ME

Anyway as far as I know, Emulators tend to be fine just because of how few of us there are.

In terms of differences, the best way to put it is this: NES uses a handful of glitches that are exclusive to the version, and one or two that aren't. (It uses Book Weapon glitches as well as Encounter Skipping/Manipulation)

PSX only utilizes one glitch as it's the only one that works, and it basically uses Firion as a Glass Cannon of sorts by giving him (and Maria if you want to play safe) Lv 10 Fist/Shield.

GBA/PSP both use similar routes but are considered separately because while the main part of the route remains in tact (using Warp to kill groups of enemies) the calculations are different (as far as I'm aware)

In terms of learning, GBA/PSP is the easiest of the lot to learn.

Emulators, I have no experience with them so you'd have to ask Deln/Crrool

(also NES is FCEUX not allowed, Deln?)

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Pretty much what Rory said. PSP and GBA are the same, although in terms of learning PSP is a little easier (cause of having defend, which helps grinding a lot). PSX and NES I have no experience with.

FCEUX isnt accurate, so its banned across all NES games pretty much. Nestopia or Bizhawk are both fine emulators for NES.

In terms of GBA, I personally use mgba, although gba emulation is always considered inaccurate. From what I heared mgba is the most accurate gba emulator out there, so Im going with that. My current run (the WR on GBA) was also on this emulator.

PPSSPP is a suprisingly accurate emulator for PSP and works fine for running FF2.