Updated Resources

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Since Lewd's most recent guide, a few more current resources have been put together by the community.

Alpha Notes: All strategies more or less up to date. Each runner chooses the strategies he or she prefers, but this guide contains all of the newest strategies, including some "experimental" tech, like physical Proto.
Comprehensive Guide: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yqrVa0iDTeBwMkWPdX4AXV2ngB8CoLMv
Condensed PDF: https://github.com/MrTyton/Final-Fantasy-Speedruns/blob/master/Final%20Fantasy%20XIII/FF13_Any_.pdf
PC Saves: https://github.com/MrTyton/Final-Fantasy-Speedruns/tree/master/Final%20Fantasy%20XIII/Saves

Beta Notes: Several new strategies, but with less comp
Comprehensive Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GPExOXbyd1pNj6Ok5hIerMFzhJ8qR8Se/view
Condensed PDF: https://github.com/MrTyton/FF13-Notes/blob/Magical-Proto/FF13_Any_.pdf

Both comprehensive guides have a list of updates from Lewd's most recent guide on the final page. Any comments are welcome.