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This past weekend, I spent 8 hours straight running the MSX2 version of FF1, so you don't have to. So I'd like to request a category for that version.

Here's the video, for reference:

I'm in the process of editing down a highlight video that focuses on explaining the differences between this version and Famicom, so I'll be including that in my submission when I finish it.

I also wanted to start the conversation around how to handle load times in MSX2. For my sanity, I ran this from disk images on a Carnivore 2 flash cart, so my run has very little load time. A run that attempts to use original floppies will have significantly more (by my tests, it would lose 4.4s every time it opens and closes the menu, and 7.7s every time it enters and leaves a battle, at least on the world map).

Are there best practices runs in this category should follow to control load times? I think disk-based games tend to try not to count them, but removing that many loads from an 8-hour game seems like it would take quite a bit of effort. Maybe it's better just not to worry about it, and assume that hardly anyone will ever run this category anyway, and the few who do will probably either emulate or use a flash-based storage format for the same reasons I did?

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Probably no one is really thinking about MSX2 this week (Pixel Remasters are great, btw!), but here's the highlight video I mentioned. Still nearly a 2 hour video!

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First and foremost, consider it done and done, the category is now live! Apologies for the delayed response on this one but to be completely honest I rarely look at the forums on here!

Secondly, thank you, thanks to your post I've now officially seen the best port of FF1 of all time and the worst port of FF1 of all time within the space of a week. Thank you for introducing me to the only version of this game that I will absolutely from the bottom of my heart never touch.

Feel free to submit your run to the category. Just purely because your run is the only one, I've filed it under Misc. in a similar vein to Gyre's WSC run. If anyone else has the courage or the sheer willpower to do a run of this category then we can consider moving it out of Misc.

Cheers! -Rory

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