Useful Japanese RTAs
5 years ago
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If you know of any notable runs in the Japanese RTA community, please post them here so we can learn from them:

Links to Useful Japanese RTA Runs:

magu1230 - 1:51:48

If a moderator could submit magu's run to the leaderboard I would appreciate it.

Ryuta - 1:57:51

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

wire - 2:29:06 (Marathon run)

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I'm going to add them all and any other runs that I find to the LB for history purposes. Nico has been under maintenance lately so it's hindering my process of watching them at the moment.

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Thanks! The nicovideo run is at like 2x speed and heavily overwhelmed by a japanese text crawl but it's also the only example of a Fergus centered route that I know of.

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magu1230 - SSS Rank (47Character) Run in 3:09:10

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