Lap skips and other skips
Lap skips and other skips
Updated 5 years ago by PurpleSun

Lap skipping is a major trick in FAST Racing League. Lap skips occur when you pass the finish line in the air and stay so long in the air that you 'crash', which then respawns you back to your last grounded moment before the finish line.

Flood Area lap skip (from Forever's All Leagues run, at 2m 20s): In this lap skip, the crash is due to being airborne for too long, rather than actually crashing.

Easier Pyramid Valley lap skip (from Rmac):

Faster Pyramid Valley lap skip (from PurpleSun):

Dry Hill lap skip (from Rmac):

Shortcuts: Flood Area corner skip (from Rmac):

Turbine Canyon shortcut (in Mahrla's Neutron run):

Breeze City shortcut (from PurpleSun):

2 Scorpio Circuit shortcuts (from Rmac):

The Chillout shortcut (in Mahrla's Neutron run):

Storm Creek shortcut (from Forever's run, at 19m 17s)

Archive: Old Breeze City shortcut (found by Rmac, boostless set-up by DivisionX):

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