Is getting the perfect '200' required for the final round (One Win category)
6 years ago
Missouri, USA

I was wondering. Both scores submitted show answering the questions, but that isn't required to win the game itself. You can fail every question in the final round and still get 'One Win'.

If it's required that's totally cool, I was just checking in case that hadn't been considered. Maybe a separate category?

Ohio, USA

I think that the spirit of the "One Win" Category is a full win with the fast money round victory. That was also my thought in creating the any% category, that in that situation you didnt have to win fast money, just get an ending. Definitely wouldn't be against a Beat the CPU Category or something along those lines.

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Ohio, USA

updated everything to add new category and update title of One WIn to Fast Money WIn

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Missouri, USA

Gotcha! Thanks for the prompt reply; I'm brand new here and wasn't sure if I was missing some unspoken protocol :)

I see the rule differences now. Thanks again

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