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I am currently routing/learning all DLC glitch-less, with plans to also learn glitch-less max quests, both with and without all DLC.

These are categories that don't exist right now, and I don't expect them to just pop up out of thin air just because 1 person is now running them. I was just wondering if we could come to a decision about one particular rule for the categories, if we do start seeing more people run them in the future.

Pretty much all of the rules for single segment glitchless can be carried over to the hypothetical categories, but the no save loading rule just doesn't seem possible. In a half hour sprint through the main questline, it's acceptable, but on a potentially 2-4 hour long run, it's only a matter of time before the game crashes and that's going to totally kill most runs if that rule is carried over.

Saving and loading should definitely be allowed, but obviously no QSQL clipping or dialogue skipping. Maybe ban the use of QS and QL altogether and rely on manual saving and loading? I'd like to know what you guys think.

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You don't have to apply rules on categories that are not on If you believe that the run is more enjoyable/feasible without that rule then do runs without it, it doesn't have to be a 'single segment' run.

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I know, I just thought it was a good idea to ask about the potential future rules if it does one day become a category, that way I don't route and learn an illegal strategy.


Well, if you need a reference for rules, we just added a glitchless category to Fallout 3, that contains the glitches not allowed, also cap your frame rate at 60 fps, restart the game at every reset etc.

My idea is that try to do runs, see how these rules are applicable, if any particular question comes up just ask us. It's your run, it's your idea, just have fun with it, make route notes, do test runs. On a sidenote, seeing the history if glitchless categories on in this game, I don't think they will be added soon, since there aren't any solid routes, the lack of runners and just the length of the runs itself, in my opinion.

But regarding your original question, yes, I think it wouldn't be fun to do single segment runs especially if they are 6-7 hours long so you can ditch that immediately.

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A Max Quest glitchless run with DLC, haha. I wonder how long you'll last without getting completely bored out of your mind. God speed my friend, god speed.

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