Casino% Run?
5 years ago
United Kingdom

While casually playing New Vegas I thought to myself "how about a category where the objective is to get banned from gambling in all the casinos in the game?"

Basically it will be a luck 10 running challenge which ends when you get banned from gambling in all 4 casinos in the game. The casinos can be played in any order and timer ends when you get dialogue informing you that you are banned from final casino. There are a lot of ways this could be run, it could be run via traditional speedrun routes or any route the player chooses to take. In a game where casinos are present I believe this could make a good category, but what do you guys think? :)

Ohio, USA

I think that would be fun, I would totally run that if it got set up.

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He/Him, They/Them
5 years ago

it doesnt need to be a category on the leaderboard for you to run it. if you think it sounds fun then do it.

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United Kingdom

more likely with runs like this, if you do a legit run, then the mods are more likely to put it down as an actual category.

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United Kingdom

here is the trial run of the category, real run will be a lot faster I promise.

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Wyoming, USA

I would love to do this!

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I know this post is two years old, but I thought this seemed like a really fun idea, and honestly this is probably the only "world record" I will ever be able to claim to hold (there don't seem to be any runs other than the one posted here, but I may have been searching for the wrong things, so if you know of any others please link them), so here's my attempt at the run. I actually just re-read the original post while uploading the video, and realised I was also meant to do the Atomic Wrangler, so it technically can't be considered the world record anyway. I will probably follow up with another run which includes the last casino, but for now this is it. The video has no audio because I was watching a stream the whole time and couldn't be bothered to commentate or set up OBS to only get New Vegas' audio, although maybe I'll do that before I add in the Atomic Wrangler for next time.

I already tried to post it once, but forgot that the video wasn't done processing, so I was planning to delete and repost it, but it's taking incredibly long to process, so I'm just going to edit this post with the link when it processes, and maybe I'll also have the full run done by then.

Edit: Here's the link:

Edit 2: The second run including the Atomic Wrangler is finished, with a time of 44:04.35, most of the reason it was only 2 minutes longer, despite adding an entire casino, I think is down to me knowing where to go this time around, but I definitely could've saved more time, and I'm definitely not going to be the person best equipped for this if it takes off. That being said, the link is here for as soon as it is done processing:

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Necroing this thread again cos I was bored and decided to play it again:

it was not the easiest task, but my experience of playing in similar casinos helped me