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so im trying to do glitch-less any% and i keep having an issue with NPCs, more specifically the super mutant at black mountain that warns you about proceeding, The NCR soldier in camp Mccarin when you get off the train, and the Caesar's messager. How do i avoid the forced dialogue with these NPC's? also when i get to the point where you interact with the omertas yes man doesn't appear in front of the tops, why?


To avoid Neil the mutant, punch the air for a bit and follow the pathing I use in my run.
To avoid the NCR guy at the station either punch the air or be quick on the left side.
To avoid Vulpes on the strip simply run around him. You can not outrun the NCR messenger, he's simply faster than you.
If Yes Man isn't in front of The Tops, that means that you did not talk to Swank and pass the 3 Speech checks with him.

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Alright thank you Kung

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Also random question, is using QS and QL to go through walls or to skip lines considered a glitch?


If you are referring to the Single Segment/Glitchless category here then it is stated in the rules that no saves are allowed to be loaded during the run. So you can't use QS/QL at all.

Referring to them as they are glitches or not.. Both of them are pretty unintended. OOB in any game is considered a glitch. Skipping dialogue is not a mechanic that is generally designed for Fallout: New Vegas so you can call it a glitch i guess.