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I would greatly appreciate if someone would look at my vod and perhaps give me any tips for what I'm doing correctly/wrong?
I'm aware that while I'm trying to get speed cripple i'm messing up big time and doing all sorts of unnecessary stuff. That's me panicking, 😃
(Run starts 0:45)

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Best i can do is provide you with this run i got yesterday... starts at 1:07:57 For missile launcher cripple, its a run you want to aim towards getting, just copy what i do and practice strats.


Alright then, gonna do a half-assed breakdown.

Vault 101 - Mostly good except for messing up a couple clips, and going for the stimpaks is obviously slow.

Walking - You spent a LOT of time getting speedcripple but I'm sure we're all aware of how awful that glitch can be.
Optimizing your walking routes is also a pretty important part in the walking segment, dont sidestep or hesitate where you're going, try to learn the fastest route and memorize some points of reference.

Lamplight & Murder Pass - Aside from failing the airswim once and taking a lot of damage, can't see anything bad really.

Vault 87 - Doing the "Rock Boss" clip saves some time but it's alright not to learn it as a beginner, as it only saves a couple seconds.
Learning the vault layout to prevent getting lost also helps a bunch.
You're not doing anything exceptionally wrong, just needs more practice and become quicker, so you can skip all those hard saves 🙂
If you don't like the clip out of the GECK room, check mine, rydous or some other runners PB, since there's a lot of different places to clip out.

Raven Rock - Good start, but the other side of the president door is much easier to clip through and if you fail it, it's usually faster to wait for the robots script to play out.
The rest of Raven Rock was pretty good, there's a faster setup for the last clip but it can be pretty finicky. (Hold S, shift camera slightly left and qsql)

Ending - Vacuum clip gets to all uf us sometimes eh. Also can't see much wrong here aside from the obvious death, and placement from the numpad but that's all practice and building muscle memory.

You're up to a good start, and I hope you have fun continuing to run the game (I stopped having fun long ago, due to the psuedo-suicidal feel of jumping off a cliff hundreds of times). Just practice more I'd say. Look up other runners videos and see what they do, and learn the best walking route.

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Thanks for all the help. Managed to get it down to a 20:43. Sub 20 incoming.