Ancient Leaderboard

Document we used to use before was a thing. Only here as a nostalgia thing, not much relevant stuff here. (external link)

Discord Server (external link)

Fallout 3 Bingo

Download as zip, unpack, run f3.htm (external link)

By AkarionAkarion, Radioactiv03Radioactiv03

Quest Counter

LiveSplit component that shows the number of quests currently completed. How to use: Put the .dll in LiveSplit/Components and add the component to your LiveSplit layout. (direct download)

By BrongleBrongle


Fallout 3 Start Save merchant Windows 10

So many people with windows 10 have trouble getting the merchant to spawn. So I post a start save that has been made on windows 10 where the merchant spawn. The other one was made on windows 7. I hope it helps other people. (direct download)

By Petite_Miku

Speedtest Save

If you want or need to do a speedtest but don't know how or where to do it, load this save and don't touch your mouse. Once your game is loaded, hit auto walk and start timer at the same time. After 2min38 you should hit a wall, if you hit the wall earlier, your game is running too fast. If it is running too fast, need to change settings such as switching from windowed mode to fullscreen or using higher settings. And do the test again. (direct download)

By Petite Miku


Default start save. In case you accidentally deleted your own or just don't want to make one. (direct download)

By rexyrexy


Fallout 3 Splits Layout

My livesplit layout that resembles the games user interface. (direct download)

By rexyrexy