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Hey, I've been trying to route a "All Quests, Bobbleheads and Unique Weapons" run for a little while (this is more for a personal challenge than a legit run of sorts). I noticed when looking through runs a difference in how the final story quest Take It Back! is handled.

In All Quests, the Liberty Prime sequence isn't started and you go straight to the purifier to activate the credits. In any category with Broken Steel required though, Liberty Prime is followed to complete the quest properly. If the All Quests route is followed with Broken Steel installed, neither Take It Back! nor Project Impurity are completed and Broken Steel quests do not start.

I was wondering if there was a reason for not completing the final quest the "proper" way in All Quests. Technically speaking, neither of those two quests are completed as far as the game is concerned. Is it just for speed, getting through that part as fast as possible? I understand since Broken Steel isn't installed, you wouldn't see the game confirming that those quests are indeed completed. Or maybe I'm thinking about it too much.

This is kinda also to help me in defining my own run I mentioned above. Thanks for any input you guys have!


It was recently discovered that there is a way to skip the Liberty Prime Escort mission by doing a certain sequence break involving Sarah Lyons. It's her dialog that let's you complete the necessary quest stage that let's you properly complete the game.

If you improperly completed the last two quests in the game, you were stuck in an infinite loop of dialog once you wake up for the new Broken Steel content. You wouldn't be able to start any if the broken steel quests.

I made a video proving the concept of skipping liberty prime escort here:

You can skip Liberty Prime in any run involving Broken Steel content with no adverse effects. Any runs where it is not skipped is probably just a result of the skip not being discovered when the run was done as I beleive the only run it was implemented on after I discovered it was all quests.

I hope I answered your question.


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Ah I see, yes that's pretty helpful. So the skip that you discovered allows the game to recognize that Take It Back! has been properly completed, and it has been done in All Quests? Does this mean that All Quests runs should now perform this glitch to properly complete that quest? Because doing the glitch as opposed skipping Liberty Prime normally is slower.

I'm just confused as to if it "matters" if the quests are properly completed in a run that doesn't do Broken Steel.


All that matters is that you fulfill the requirements of the category. If the run doesn't involve completing all quests in the DLC, than you can do whatever is fastest.

If you look at all bobbleheads, the run actually doesn't require beating the game at all, just placing the last bobbleheads on the stand. So, imo, if the category is "All weapons and bobbleheads" than collecting the last weapon or placing the last bobblehead is all you would need to worry about. Starting this quest at all would be irrelevant IF you're not including DLC weapons. I know you said it was "all quests, bobbleheads, and weapons" , but I was just giving an example of how you can structure a run to fit a specific category.

If you're including DLC weapons, than the last quest must count as completed in the right state in order to obtain the Broken Steel quests, because you'll need those quests in order get some unique that are towards the end of that DLC.

Ultimately, Take it Back! Is technically completed in any% even with Sarah in the wrong dialog state. So, no, you don't need to properly complete Take it Back! For it to count as completed (imo). Whether or not you do the escort mission skip, take it back is considered complete when you enter the code on the console and hit enter. If you look at the normal any% run, you receive the quest by talking to autumn, so all that matters is that at least that happens.

As a side note, I'm curious about if your run includes both of Autumn's unique weapons (the 10mm in addition to the Laser pistol) and Dad's 10mm, or just weapons you have access to in normal gameplay.


Ah, yeah that makes sense. I'll just follow what any% and all quests does and consider talking to Autumn and putting in the console numbers as completing both of the final quests. In a run that I may do eventually, which would be the current All Quests/Bobbleheads/DLC plus unique weapons, doing both properly would make sense because it's tracked by the game.

And yes, my run includes both of Autumn's unique weapons. I'm getting all weapons that (at least on the wiki) are considered unique and obtainable even if unintentionally so. Another example of this would be in the Superhuman Gambit where getting both Protectron's Gaze and Ant's Sting is likely not intended to be possible, but is. The only unobtainable unique weapon I believe is just the Slasher Knife from Tranquility Lane.

I don't believe that Dad has any unique weapons and just uses a regular .32 pistol. The final unique weapon count is then 38.


I've never tried the Gary glitch in Vault 112, which is how you obtain Anchorage simulation items in normal gameplay by putting Gary in the pod and using his body as a container. Not sure if you could do that in 112. I can't think of a way other than killing the greeting robot and using it as a container. Not sure if it's even possible though. If it is technically obtainable though, it would probably need to be included.

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According to the wiki, the Slasher Knife is considered a quest item even though your inventory is inaccessible. So even if you were able to get a container on the simulation pod and look at your Tranquility Lane inventory, you can't transfer the knife. Never tested it myself, but for sure, if it's obtainable by any glitch, it needs to be included.