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Hey to all Fallout 3 speedrunners ;-)

I've just started learning this speedrun and in doing so I've encountered 2 things so far that
make running this nearly impossible for me atm.

1) No Matter what I do, I can't grab the G.E.C.K. in 3rd Person. I have to open the container and grab it 😕 Are there any tricks to doing so? I've noticed that in Runs the Character doesn't follow the mouse in 3rd Person, yet in my version he does. Basically he turns around just by moving my mouse. Could this have something to do with it? and
2) When I've grabbed the G.E.C.K. and exited the room, run down the corridor, the Flashbang doesn't trigger. I thought this might happen since the Quest objective didn't update once I grabbed it, but in the end I really have no Idea why, so if anyone else had encountered this and knows how to fix it, this would really be awesome, since I can't finish or continue the game this way 😕

I really hope someone sees this in the not so distant future, every forum I could find was kinda dead.

Thanks in advance,
Greetings Aimlezz


1) Yeah the third person camera is not easy to control. Here's how I set it up: First, I look at the location at where the GECK would normally be if the container was open, then I press and hold my middle mouse button/scroll wheel to go in third person mode, at this point I move my mouse sideways and look for the "Take GECK" prompt and hit my activate key.

I try to avoid moving my mouse vertically while attempting the third person grab. Horizontal movements is the way to go. If you're still having trouble try and catch me while I'm streaming. I would be more than happy to help you there.

Last thing, having god mode enabled is a good way to practice this. But you also want to be good enough to where you don't need to rely on it. Good luck!

2) Yeah this can happen with the third person GECK grab. I would recommend starting from a fresh new game. It should fix itself while you're doing normal runs.

- Rexy


thanks for the quick reply. I somewhat figured that you hold the mouse wheel but I was everything but sure. Now it makes so much more sense to me what you said in your any% tutorials.
In regards to the Geck grab: I had to grab it after opening the geck-chamber (because of 1)), do you think that was what screwed it up for me?
Thanks again for your help, I think this is a game were I can put lots of time in speedruns, especially since i enjoyed it so much while playing normally, that I really was disappointed to see that I may encounter things that make running this game Impossible (I have another version because fallout 3 standard version is NOT available in my country)


I might be a bit late, but the flashbang scene not triggering is because of a bug happening sometimes with the GECK, when you grab it ( get the message box), but don't really grab it at the same time.
It happen rarely, but you just need to load a previous save before you tried to get the GECK, and it should be alright

No need to start a fresh game.