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I realize that all runs of Fallout 3 are done on PC for obvious reasons, but I want to put some of the tricks into a casual playthrough. Most notably, speed cripple.

I'm wondering if anyone has performed the glitch successfully on 360 or PS3. I've been trying for a couple of hours now, using what guides there are here, but I haven't gotten anything to stick. I can usually get my character to limp on the load, but there is no change in speed. I've heard that if I die while trying this I have to restart the game entirely: is that true?

I may also just be trying the glitch wrong. Has anyone gotten the glitch on a hard load? Perhaps the glitch is PC-exclusive? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for the help!


It's probably PC exclude since at a low level I'm guessing it's tied to the frame rate (?How Gamebryo keeps the world in sync) so Consoles either dip or at static at a different rate making certain glitches impossible


I've been trying been trying to clip and get speedcripple on ps3. I wasn't able to do any clip nor get speedcripple. I think that clipping isn't working because of the game taking too long to load for me. I had heard from someone who is on console that he was able to clip however his ps3 loads the game way faster than mine. I believe that clipping is only possible if the game loads very fast since it has been proven that it is possible to clip nd get speedcripple with a hardsave. I wasn't able to get speedcripple dispite having the correct timings a lot of time but I'll try some more before concluding anything about that. And yes DarkSun if you die you need to restart the game because Ragdolling (seeing you character fall on the ground) makes it impossible to get speedcripple. Also, if you get it and lose it because you got crippled, you also need to restart the game to obtain it again.