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Hi everyone,

I think I have found some optimisation, but since my times aren't really good, I can't really see if the optimisation is real. But anyway, I wanted to share them in order to have some other runner to try.

1st : After the first dialog with our dad, we can use the red balloon to push him. It seems like he walk a little faster.

2nd : After skipping the first 2 dialog when he came back (Still as a baby), we can close the door on him when he is entering the room, pushing him faster into the room and then, making him reach faster the Apocalypst 21:6, and so, gaining somes second.

I know those optimisation might make gain not even a second. But maybe if we all share some little stuff that make win some little second, we may in the end push this run way further ! 🙂


I've tried pushing him already with the ball but it didn't give any result (I'll try again) but what you can do with the ball is look up with the ball and drop him a few pixels in front of you, as soon as you gain control you will hop into the gate gaining something like 0.3s. for closing the door, I might try again but everytime I tried I pushed him behind the door and he had to open the door again.

here is a small optimisation by my part: it looks like qsql twice when the hud dissapears when jonas takes a picture of you, make him take the picture faster. It might at very specific moments, need to do more testing.

thank you inkied for participated at the fallout 3 speedrun community,
have a nice day,


About the ball, I've tried to stuff and you can't push him with it. But if you put it on his way, he climb on, and then, you can push it with.
I don't know if that can save some time, but, that still can make some funny stuff (Like moving him when he his telling you the Apocalyps 21:6 speech)


cool, I'll try that this evening, this might save a second maybe 🙂


I've been able to push him almost to the spot of the second speed to he only walk once and then start to speak. ^^


Tested out a little bit, and it has potential to gain a sec of two. I'll practice that a later and try to see what is possible to do with this magical ball


Been doing the ball push in my runs since I routed stimpack-less. It's sometimes faster. It depends on the angle Dad gets pushed. It's somewhat random, but I've gotten it fairly consistent. There a few other cool tricks you can do with that ball that range from fairly useless to potentially useful, but insanely hard to execute.