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Due to my last run did get rejected because "Player movementspeed is too fast".
Here is my Movement Speed verification with the same Settings as used at the last run.
(Details of the Settings is below the video at the description)

Please be so kind to check it. Thx


(Setting is always the Same.

Aspect Ratio 16:9 Widescreen
Resolution 1280x720 @ 60fps
Antialiasing 4 Samples
Anisotropic Filtering 15 Samples

(ULTRA Settings)

Windowed on
Vertical Sync on

Screen Effects:
HDR on

Streaming Software:

Streaming in 1920:1080 @ 40 fps)

P.S. It is no problem for me that the last run was rejected.
But for my further runs i will be certain that the settings are O.K.

Sincere regards


Looks good to me.

Yeah, I kinda felt bad for rejecting your run, especially since you grinded for that horrible glitch and got it like third try. But it would be unfair even if it was a slight boost in movement speed. So thanks for being super understanding.

I played it on a different computer once using the same settings you use and I could tell right away that the baby was moving a little faster than normal. After checking with dxtory I found out that the game wasn't capping the framerate properly. It was hitting like 70-80fps.

So if you run into this bug again I would recommend checking if it's going over 60. If it is, cap it. Message me on Twitch if you need any further help with this bug. I'll try to catch you when you're streaming so I can make sure everything is good before you get another good run.

- Rexy