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Stupid question probably. When I go into 3rd person and see my character in the crippled run animation, does that mean I definitely have the speed cripple? Or is it possible to QL, have the crippled animation, but still be moving at regular speed?

The reason I ask is that even when I seem to have done it correctly, I don't feel like I'm going any faster. I've timed myself running between different spots and it seems to be the same, even when it looks like I've got the speed cripple. Am I just underestimating how hard it is to pull off this glitch?

edit: I recorded a short video comparing the speeds because I seriously can't tell if they're different


if you got the speed cripple successfully, you'll notice that your character is going faster than usual.
Also if you want to make sure you actually fully have it, quicksave and quick load again once you have the speed boost, and if it goes away, it means you had a partial speedcripple. It happens sometimes.


Your video is on private, put it on unlisted for us to see it pls. And Like TFG just said, you will definitally notice the difference if you get speedcripple succesfully. The glitch is not easy at all to get when you start out and don't really know what frame you need to quickload. In general I always say, if you are not sure about having speedcripple or not, you don't have it. It almost always happen that you have 3rd person crippled animation without the speedboost. That is what tricks new players into thinking they got it, but they don't go faster. Another way of checking if you got speedcripple is going into third person and comparing your speed. When speedcripple is active, you only go faster in first person. When switching to third person you'll see you going a lot slower.


Oops, didn't realize I had it set to private. Should be watchable now.

Okay, that's what I figured. It seemed like it was way too easy to get but I wasn't sure if it was possible to have the crippled animation and not the boost. Looking at the video now, I think that must have been what I was seeing. If the speeds are different between 3rd and 1st person I definitely haven't gotten it yet. Thanks!

edit: I got it!! Wow you were not kidding, the speed difference is very noticeable.


ok, first of all, don't do it with cliff, Do it with missile launcher. If you just start out you'll get it like once in 24hours doing it with the cliff. I, who run the game a lot and have hundreds of hours of speedrun practice barely get it once every 3h. With Missile launcher I get it every time. If you didn't, you should follow the guide I made, it is located in the guides section here on . If you really want do it with the cliff, I'll let you know that if you ragdoll, you can't get it anymore untill you restart the game. That happened the second time you fell in the video. but really, use the cliff only if you go for a very very good time or try to WR.


Yeah, when I recorded that I had seen a run doing it from the cliff but afterwards I saw your tutorial and started using the missile launcher. Now that I'm using the missiles it's a lot easier (by which I mean I have gotten it one time and not zero times)

edit: here's video of me doing it, maybe this will be useful to someone else who comes across this thread who's trying to figure it out

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Good job, keep practicing and everything will be fine.