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Hi everyone.

I was trying some stuff, and found that it would be way faster to escape from the vault 101 by leaving as a 10 YO boy, but I was wondering if the walking speed was slower as a 10 YO ?
I don't know where I could find the value, and I can't realy figure it out just with my eyes...


We know that it is faster to exit the vault as a 10y/o but I'm not sure if movement speed is reduce but it doesn't even matter because a 10y/o cannot activate buttons such as the fire alarm in vault 87, resulting in not being able to get quest letting you proceed to ravenrock after obtaining the G.E.C.K.

Have a nice day,


Miku is correct. Early on in planning the 2014 reroute, I experimented with escaping the vault as a ten year old. I quickly ruled it out because of the restrictions built into the character.

It's a fun playthrough though! I had a file I used to stream casually where the Player Character was 10. Much increased difficulty and fun for the FO3 veterans.

Good luck!