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I've been working on a few different setups I've found to clip out of the GECK chamber because I've been struggling to get the table skip consistently. I recorded some of them here:

I actually found like four more than what's in this video but I wasn't able to get them to work consistently after I first found them, so if I manage to get them working I'll record those too.

There was one in particular that seemed REALLY fast and easy, if anyone wants to try it. You stand in the corner against the table as always, with your back to it like I was in the video. Look toward the center of the darkened panel on the top half of the machine near the corner of the walls, then hold back+right and QS/QL. When I first got this one I was able to do it about ten times in a row but after that it stopped working consistently. It seems really good though because you don't have to jump, you just fall straight through the floor and instantly reappear outside the chamber. Plus you're not getting close to the radiation so you don't have to worry about ragdolling and losing speedcripple.

(for all I know these methods might all be common knowledge but I've only ever seen runs where people use the table skip so hopefully at least one of these is new to someone)

edit: I got some video of the clip, there's no audio and I still haven't been able to get it consistently so I edited out a lot of failed attempts but you can see what I mean, it's really fast when it works