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Your game may be incorrectly calculating walking speed (and general game time). This is an issue because it is caused by a means external to the game such as GPU drivers, hardware, and other applications adding to your CPU usage. Runs demonstrating this WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you are experiencing this, you should watch this video for help fixing it:

You can also check out the google docs boards here for more help - check the resources tab.

In most cases, this is unintended and no fault of the runner. If any of your runs have been effected by this glitch and wish to remain on the boards or be competitive, you must submit the speed test demonstrated above to the google docs leaderboards.

The original mods for this game are over at the google docs boards. These rules were implemented and agreed upon by the mods and community before the page was created. When this glitch was discovered, it was immediately ruled a means of external manipulation - intended or otherwise. If you have any questions, please post in the forum and we will be happy to answer questions you have or help you out to fix it!


Since this is a fairly older post I'm wondering if this patch/fix is still necessary for valid runs?
I'm fairly similiar with the game/graphics engine so my question is that is it enough to cap my frame rate at 60 fps with software like Dxtory to be able to submit my run?
Because I run FNV with Dxtory without speed inconsistency but I'm not sure the speed inconsistency in FO3 occurs because of an uncapped frame rate or not. (at least most of the time)


Yes, most of the time your walking speed will be fine if you externally cap with dxtory, just like in New Vegas. Download the "Speedtest Save" from the resource section and check if you complete it in roughly 2:38 like the description says.

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thank you very much 🙂 i'll test it.