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Hi everybody, sloppy_Jo and apparently some others people have noticed a way to make the glitch more consistent.

But, there is always a but, it's technically new game+

Let me explain :

You need to load a save, and get the glitch, I don't know if it works also with rocket launcher, but with fall damage it does.
Once you got the glitch, you need to cripple yourself again to lose the glitch.

Then, you go back to the menu, and load your baby save and start you run.
If everything went right, you'll get the glitch first try after exiting vault 101. Unless you quickload too late and kill yourself, then the glitch probably won't appear anymore.

So, technically, this is new game + and forbidden by the rules, BUT it's very convenient, and don't make the run any faster, just give a way to avoid the grind.

I think, actually by the rules, we can't allow it, and if we do, we need to put some heavy restrictions on it, otherwise some people might completely broke the game with other potential glitch.

Or, we create a new category/new variable.

How does it works? I'm not sure, it seems that getting the glitch is completely random from the launch of the game, either the game will allow you to get it, either not. So it might be a way to check faster if the glitch is "available" or not.

Anyway, we also need people to test it. If it's not possible on every system, then no point talking about it in the first place.

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I'll try it tomorrow, if it's can work for everyone (and hopefully with ML) then I don't mind accepting this.


I'm sure everyone can guess where I stand. But, it's not up to me. If the community decides to include it, it's in.


I mean if it's as easy as it is with the drop, I dont see why anyone would do the ML route anymore, which essentially just gives everyone w/o the route 40 seconds for free. As much as I would love to get 40 seconds for free, it's kinda cheat if you ask me. But I'll go with the flow.


We haven't accepted it in the end. We found that if you get ragdoll and die you lose the ability to get the glitch.
So if your timing is right, you can get the glitch more consistenly by not dying during the tries.