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I know there are a few video tutorials and some help on various forums, but I thought it would be a good idea to make a sort of database of Fallout 3 speedrunning featuring all known glitches and bugs in each category and some additional things that aren't currently useful. Basically anything that is broken in the game. I'd also include a glossary of terms at the beginning for help understanding terms and abbreviations.

I started it some time ago and have been slowly working on it. It's pretty incoherent right now, but here's an idea of what I have done so far that's not a disorganized mess. It's an overview of the glitches needed for any% in rough order of appearance.

The full version will be made available when done, potentially on its own wiki. When will it be done? I don't know. The scope of this thing is pretty big and I only have so much time to work on it. I want to try and ensure that the final version is community driven so anyone can edit it. For now, I'll update the pastebin as I organize more information.


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