How to run FAITH v1.2.1 & v1.4
2 months ago

Current releases of FAITH, as of writing, is v1.4 on all platforms (Steam & GOG). So, how do you make a run on either?

Downpatching on GOG to use autosplitter is (thankfully) still possible though Steam does not have a working deposit for earlier files - downpatching is currently not possible with Steam release of FAITH: The Unholy Trinity.

A separate standalone runner pack exists in the Resources for people to speedrun. You will need your sound files from your own copy of FAITH and swap them over for FAITH Chapter I. All ".OGG" files for Chapter I will need to be inserted.

After downloading V1.2.1 Runner Edition, you can grab the autosplitter and use it with LiveSplit etc. to use in combination for runs.

Using LiveSplit? Open it up, Right click and select "Edit Layout". This new pop up will allow you to add stuff with the giant "+" symbol. Find and select something that looks like "Manual Scriptable File" and click that. Once it's in, double left click with mouse and find the location of your autosplitter and insert into LiveSplit. Hit OK.

You should now be able to run FAITH: Chapter I with v1.2.1

Using v1.4? A generous soul named "Mybiss" created one that functions somewhat with all FAITH chapters over at:

There are some issues with this splitter, especially when playing Chapter II and III. So, just give it a test run and see how things work for you. If it doesn't look right, kindly revert back to steps on how to use v1.2.1

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