Adding Supply Challenge as a new category
7 months ago

Hi, I recently started to run the Supply Challenge, starting by aiming to beat the best result that was available on Youtube. Following my attempts, some other runners tried to beat this category, and currently Ximoltus have the best unofficial time with a little over 54 minutes.

Following the recent activity on this category, can we add it to the leaderboard?

My PB is currently on 56:45, which is, to the best of my knowledge - the 2nd best time.

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I've been working at this as category and have a run up at but note that while we don't currently have rules for such a category, my linked video would certainly not be a valid submission because of blueprint imports. So why blueprint imports? Learning/validating my build and getting the routing worked out. I posted this in the discord, so I might as well share here for greater visibility into how many of us are choosing to run this category.

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Supply challenge was added as a category

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