Community Admin Team Election System Reform Voting
1 month ago

Hello everyone, we are currently voting for a new Admin Team Election System over at the Factorio Speedrunning Discord! Make sure to get your vote in:

You can vote if you have submitted at least one speedrun in the past. If you can't access the channel, please head over to and ask one of the moderators for the role.

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Czech Republic

Results of the new admin team election system are as follows:

As the previous Board of Admins' term has ended, elections for the new admin team took place as well. The new term will last for half a year and will end on the first of December. These are the final results:

The top 5 candidates all agreed to work together so we are thrilled to announce that the new Admin Team will consist of the following members: seky16, iron0308, Phredward, rAzzlington and Pitta.