New Factorio Runner
7 months ago
Queensland, Australia

Hi All, Recently used nefrums Any% guide for the no spoon achieve and I believe could of got sub 4 hour if it wasn't for having half my LDS assemblers not outputting so gonna start posting Friday night stream runs and see how I go.

Looking at Threads is there any tips for getting accurate times when i submit as I am guessing livesplit time is just for my benefit and not the time that will actually be used


the time is taken from the first frame the map untill the frist frame of the victory screen

most runners use livesplit to have a time, but the time can also be taken from the submitted video

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Factorio runs are generally long enough that Livesplit, even with its inaccuracies, is good enough. If you're a second behind the true time, who cares? If two runs are very close to each other, they can be retimed by counting frames.

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