Speedrun on server
3 months ago
Alsace, France


With a streamer we plan to organize (without claiming to break any records) a speedrun of the game in a massively multiplayer version.

To do this we have set up a dedicated server on which all the configurations with the exception of the size of the starting zone are possible to create via the GUI.

My question therefore concerns this famous zone which in our config is in x1000 instead of the normal maximum x6, this does not affect the speedrun in any way and simply has the effect of not seeing any byters in the game without deactivating them which therefore leaves the possibility for players to win achievements linked to a classic victory (which are deactivated if peaceful mode is activated)

Would modifying this parameter invalidate the upcoming run even though it does not affect the progress of the speedrun or will we still be able to post our attempt ?


such a run will be invalid because it breaks this rule

"• Only "map exchange strings" that can be created using the ingame user interface are allowed."

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