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4 years ago
Czech Republic

Rocket rush scenario was added in 0.18.9 (see

Don't you want to consider creation of new category for this scenario?

I believe that this scenario could introduce new challenges and big fun factor. Especially the initial selection/buying of items for accelerating the game is opening many options and various possible strategies. I tried the scenario and found out that it is much more difficult than it looks like and requires quite different strategy than standard freeplay. And it would be fun to compare my strategy with other players.

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We usually add categories when there are people actively running it. However there is nothing stopping you from making runs and uploading them to YouTube/Twitch. If you are interested in a rocket rush category, make a run and lobby for it. If there is 2 different runs form 2 persons, we usually have a talk about adding it in the community and than vote on it.

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Some people are doing speedrun just because category exists here

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No, i don't think this is true. Do you have any proof of that, or do you just call you own opinion "some people"?.

NewGame+ was added for exact the same reason. There where a lot of request for this category, arguing that people would pick it up once it's on the leader board. Turned out they don't. There was 1 submission to it in the past year. So even the people requesting it were not running it. Additionally the community has voted on adding Rocket rush as a category just recently and it was overwhelmingly denied, since there is not a single speedrun of it.

If you are interested in this category, then start running it. If it becomes more popular, we may judge on it again.

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Yeah, sheerun that's absolutely true. The proof is trivial, you just need to look at the view / run stats - which I've already shown some admins around here, but they shut that down for some weirdo reason.

Rocket Rush would be an absolutely awesome speedrun to add. As would wave defense.

Also, some guy keeps talking about 'voting' but never provides a link to the results and participation of the voting. Not sure they understand how that works.

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Midi-Pyrénées, France

Any update on rocket rush speedrun category ? I'm so surprised that it's not a category yet. It's even a speedrun-oriented game mode, so it's pretty disappointing to not seeing it here.

United Kingdom

not that surprising, only run I can see is splee on youtube a year ago

New Zealand

I have my 1h 36m run up for Rocket Rush Default Settings from a while ago, but I don't know of anyone else running Rocket Rush anything.

Even I haven't for ages, it remains on my list of things to revisit sometime. But RR DS doesn't seem to end up a notably different speedrun to Wave Defense, other than lacking what makes Wave Defense special & interesting.

Rocket Rush Set Seed Any% would end up a super interesting test of pure execution, which isn't what I like to run, but I'd definitely watch. I don't think anyone has run that ever.

However I do still like Rocket Rush Deathworld Marathon, which I got down to 2h 20m and that'll certainly get faster. There's currently no category using expensive recipes, which alongside Deathworld + all techs emphasising a different combat meta, imo makes RR DWM a more worthwhile contrast to Wave Defense.

Basically, no-one speedruns any form of Rocket Rush, but it could become a category if just a few people started running the same ruleset.

I have been speedrunning Rocket Rush. Happy to join in the petition to add it as a category. It's a really really fun variant of factorio!

[coming soon: youtube link to my run]

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