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My current any% strat is the nefrums beginner strat (following the google slides). My PB on here is 2:53:18 but I have beaten it a few times since uploading but I am aware that I am still not playing the strat to its maximum potential. However, I also am aware that it is not the fastest strategy that I can use so I wanted to move on and learn a new one. I know there is the phoenix strategy guide on here but it seems that the nefrums WR strat is the preferred one but I cannot find a guide anywhere so I was wondering whether it was better to follow the guide on here for the phoenix strat or to watch runs and learn the nefrums strat. Also if anyone has any good resources to learn the nefrums WR strategy then that would be helpful too. Thanks.


Hi. There is both an updated guide you can find on the Steelaxe Discord, which is the Nefrums build. And there is this one from Antipatience, the current Any% WR holder:

This is the Updated Guide:

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A few things: there are some alignments which are quiet critical and messing them up can cause you to not have enough space. thats fine. just make the build smaller, if you run into another part of the base. Also i can recommend to use furnace count as a starter for alignments. So 24 on left, then 64 on right. 24 on copper and so on. They are very easy to count/craft in the right amount. Also, you can / should skip things like wires for rcus / beacons for now.

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Thank you pantabo :)

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