Dexametason has been suspended indefinitely due to cheating
1 year ago

Dexametason has been banned from the Factorio Speedrunning leader boards indefinitely due to cheating (usage of mouse macros). Any cheated submissions have been removed from the leader boards on .

Discussing the matter is fine, but please mind that we show zero tolerance regarding harassment towards any involved party regardless of platform.

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Which game rule has been violated or is the ban of mouse macros a wide rule?


"The game itself must not be altered or controlled with outside tools. Exceptions can be made on a community basis (e.g., character creation scripts, logo/cutscene removal dlls, etc.)" on was violated.

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Just asking. Should also dexametason 100% run be deleted? Currently it is there. Or was it chosen that it can remain there if there is no cheats? Note I have no idea if there was cheat used.


@teksturi The runs that were played legitimately will be allowed to remain.

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