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This is a tutorial on how to get Fable: The Lost Chapters to run in a window. This works for any PC version of the game, including retail and Steam versions.
1. Download DxWnd ( ) and extract its contents into a folder of your choice using either 7-Zip on WinRAR. Alternatively, download the file from the resources section ( )
2. Once extracted, run the DxWnd.exe file, and right click anywhere on the blank area, then select Add.
3. In the new window, the name doesn’t matter too much, just call it Fable or something so you know what it is from an icon.
4. For both path and launch, click the three dots besides the text box and point to fable.exe, which should be in the base Fable folder wherever you installed it (e.g. if you used Steam, it will be INSTALL\steam\steamapps\common\Fable The Lost Chapters\Fable.exe). It is the same for both, so locate the file for one, then copy and paste the same thing into the other.
5. Under Position, you can use the X and Y coordinates to set the location of the window on the monitor. You should also set the resolution to whatever you have set it to in the in-game options for Fable. (e.g. if you play Fable in 1080P, set the W to 1920 and the H to 1080)
Note: whatever resolution you set the game to, the main menu will be at 1024x768, which can cause some distortion if you have not set the W and H to 1024x768; this will fix itself once in-game.
6. OPTIONAL: If you would like to run in a borderless window, under Video change the ‘window style’ from ‘default’ to ‘modal’.
7. Under the Input tab at the top, change ‘Window size & position’ from ‘Autom.’ to ‘Hide’, and under Cursor Handling, tick ‘Keep cursor within window’ and ‘Keep cursor fixed’.
8. Once done, click OK, go to File, then Save. A window will appear saying ‘Task list has changed. Do you want to save it?’. Click Yes, and you are done! To run the game in a window from here, simply double click the icon in DxWnd to launch the game.

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