DxWnd (Unconfigured)

This will allow you to allow you run Fable in a window rather than fullscreen, and acts as a backup in case the Sourceforge link goes down. This will need configuring using the guide on the forum or guides section of the leaderboard. (direct download)

By ghotik

Fable TLC Icons for Splits

Contains Fable TLC Icons for Splits (direct download)


Simple keyboard and mouse input display for your stream/recording. (direct download)


Practise Saves

Saves for practising all parts of the any% route, copy and paste into Documents\My Games\Fable\Saves (direct download)

By EtemEtem

Practise Saves (but better)

(direct download)


Fable TLC Any% Splits

Contains the splits most runners use with icons. Edit: Previous version's autosplitter path was set to a directory in my computer. The.asl file should now automatically be placed in LiveSplit directory upon activating the autosplitter. (direct download)

By CleanSeraCleanSera


Fable TLC French Patch

Unzip into your base directory for Fable. (external link)

By EtemEtem