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Hi all,

I'm new to speedrunning and but I'm not to Excitebike, thought this would be the best place to ask, I can't qualify for Track 3-4 for the life of me, let alone 5, I can occasionally qualify Track 3 but only by about two seconds, my question is this, does anybody have some tips on how to shave a couple seconds off my time?

Look forward to getting to know you all in the future,

Best regards,


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Have you checked out the guides section? There is a tutorial by AndrewG. I haven't began running this game yet but it is on my list.


Ok, thanks for the advice !, new to the world of running and it's a bit frustrating when your runs don't make the cut




pretty sure that andrewg guide vid is unavailable now(at least for me) though


Here is the link to the Twitch VOD for the AndrewG tutorial:


To qualify I would suggest just getting used to angling the bike on the landings to properly land without ever crashing. I'm sorry I never made a proper guide, but I will... I just haven't had the time.