9th Place Time Slightly Incorrect
1 year ago
Washington, USA

Sorry to be this guy, but I just submitted my own run for Excitebike and saw a small issue. I noticed the MS timer in-game only counts two positions, meaning all times on SRC should have a "0" in the 3rd position. I confirmed this by checking the leaderboard and noticing all but one time have this exact thing going.

I noticed that 9th place is jeverony with a time of 6m 07s 013ms. His video shows it's a 6:07.13. This should be updated to 6m 07s 130ms if I am not mistaken. I apologize for my OCD, I'm not trying to step on any toes, nor is this a huge discrepancy. I just wanted to point it out.

Edit: This is Selection A Any%.

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Massachusetts, USA

fixed thanks

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Hey folks, please note that we now have two new full game speedrun categories:

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