Slight Rules Modification
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Slight Rules Modification
Massachusetts, USA

I realized there was a slight oversight for the excitebike categories. If you don't beat track 5 faster than 1:14.00 you don't qualify the track (and thus, don't technically complete the run).

That said, I've modified the rules. The current listed runs will stay up as grandfathered runs because of the oversight.

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Massachusetts, USA

After some consideration, I've changed the rules to make more sense, and to encourage more submissions.

Selection A no longer requires you to qualify track 5 to submit. This was changed as many runs on the board already don't qualify, and as it's more of a pure time trial I decided this rule just discourages submissions.

Selection B runs still need to qualify track 5. All current runs accomplish this and the intention of this is to count the runs as "beating" Excitebike.

PAL runs were added under "misc" as there seem to be some people who want to submit PAL and had already submitted PAL runs on the leaderboard. These runs give an advantage as the game runs much slower and makes bouncing and such much easier to accomplish.

I think these rule changes make sense. Selection A is now purely a time trial and Selection B is a time trial and qualifying track 5 is required in order to "beat" Excitebike.

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