How to play this game like a real worm
9 years ago
California, USA

I've made a tutorial stream on how to speedrun Earthworm Jim 2. If you are interested in learning, please watch

If you have any questions, I will answer questions on things I may have skipped over or any other questions you may have on this game.

Maine, USA

Shouldn't this have been posted in the guides? I almost didn't run this game because i thought there were no guides for it luckily i checked the forum's. I'm only saying this because someone in the future might not check the Forums for a guide.

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Can you post this on youtube instead? The swf doesn't seem to be loading. Also how do you perform the big jump in the first level to avoid having to use the pig chute? Does is work on the SNES version or only Genesis? Thanks

Minnesota, USA

The double jump works on both versions. You need to press jump 3 times really fast while walking up a slope. On the 3rd press you need to hold it. I use the the tree as a visual cue and start pressing jump when I see Jim line up with the base of the tree on the right. If you have questions feel free to message me on twitch.