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5 years ago
Washington, USA

[To preface this, this is regarding the fact that the Legendary Edition of Evoland, when it was released on steam, replaced both evoland 1 and 2 on the store; making neither of the original games available on their own. While previous owners of the games can still access the standalone versions, newcomers cannot.]

For anyone running the game with the Legendary edition, there are added delays within the menu screens. (Namely with regards to save selection, but also minor changes, such as how the default selection is "new game" with added input requirements to select 'continue')

Since the current strategies require a death/reload in the Mines of Noria, there is about a 2-3 second disadvantage to anyone playing the legendary edition; with other delays being possible if new strategies require more deaths.

While I understand the WR isn't down to the single-seconds mark yet, I believe it is important moving forward that there be a solution to this, unless a way of purchasing the original game is made public.

Just to throw out an idea; Since in evoland 1, it's basically a instant button mash + load-times, why not just cut-out any time spent in menu-interactions, as its own split, with the normal run's timer resuming as soon as the save slot is selected.

If that's not workable; and definitely for the time being, I agree that we should just continue timing like normal, but I would like to open up the discussion on this.

Ohio, USA

Edit: Ignore this post, I thought this was about Evoland II, but this is the Evoland 1 side of the forum

Original post: Can you even use old versions of the game on Legendary Edition to do the Mines skip / Wikings skip, or do you need the standalone version for that? That would be a big problem for new runners to be even able to do any% runs.

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