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Just a FYI:
Since I just approved of creating the boards for Europa Univeralis III, I also created a series for it and linked Europa Universalis III and IV to this series:

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Sounds good. Could me and/or Plant be modded for the series? 🙂

Follow up question regarding series: Are series strictly for franchises or could there be made a series for developer if all games have the same nature? I'm thinking of Paradox-games involving these two games, Hearts of Iron 4, Crusader Kings 2, Victoria 2 and Stellaris. It goes without saying that it would require the mods of the other games acceptance for this, but would it even get accepted by you if I had that?

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Not every series requires to even get moderated so I would have to judge that based on what you need it for.
Only large series of games really require moderation. Think of series like: Yoshi, Mario, Sonic, DK, etc. who just have a lot of games and potentially fan games in general.
The series creation is more so to string together games. If you think you would need to become moderator for a series, than I'd like to refer you to the usual Leaderboard moderation requests along with a short motivation as to why: and we'll take a look.

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That's fair. For the time being there's no greater purpose for the EU-series. I've been thinking of running EU2 and EU:Rome, but it hasn't come to that yet so let's just keep it unmoderated until needed.

However I think there would be a greater purpose for a Paradox games series, mostly to streamline the rules of games and future games in the series. They more or less run with the same system and same game engine, and I think it's pretty essential that identical systems/engines are interpreted similarly. Sure, it's nothing near the size of Mario-Sonic-DK-etc, but it wouldn't be pointless. I'm unsure how to interpret your post when it comes to creating a series for a developer instead of franchise.

Nonetheless I'll ask the mods of the other games, then apply as normal to get a direct answer. Thx for the FYI 🙂


ok sounds good, yeah I guess a series leaderboard isn’t so important at the moment. At least not important enough to need a moderator yet.