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3 years ago

Haven't played this game since I was a kid, nice to see there are still a few people who haven't forgotten about it completely. My time was nowhere near good enough to be 5th place but I suppose that this site has some type of video recording rules and this game died way before speedrunning took off, too bad b/c I think as platform games go this one has much more depth then some of the more popular games in the category (even if most of that depth is b/c of a complete fluke in the physics engine that the developer never intended to create).

Flow is a great concept and I've always been a sucker for glitches that break games in interesting ways and lead to more experimentation in how levels are played. I remember as a kid I was able to come up with a few new approaches for some of the multiplayer levels which were not already known by the community, even though the game had already been out for a while at that point. It was great seeing other players discover new stuff too, seeing new ways to shave a few milliseconds off your time in multiplayer lobbies never got old. This game gave me some great experiences and I met some really cool people playing it. Most games these days come with a high amount of polish, glitches get fixed even if they make the game more interesting and games have such large communities it can be tough to keep up with whats going if you don't play like it's your full time job, never mind inventing new strategies/routes that haven't already been done thousands of times before.

Anyways it's nice to see the game hasn't been completely forgotten by the internet yet, brings back some good memories. Also good to see faithpath is still at the top spot ;)

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