Possibility Of Multi-cc Runs?
6 years ago
Tennessee, USA

Hey, so I suck at this (and pretty much all) Touhou games, but I'm trying to improve. I recently tried to do an Easy run of this game, but it took me around five hours to get one in where I could beat it all without using a continue. It was only after I got the one golden run did I realize I had been using five lives instead of the default three.

What I would like to suggest is a subcategory for (preferably) each difficulty setting where the runner isn't restricted to 1cc. Or, if not that, at least where you can use five lives or something.

If you wish to not do this, I completely understand you decision and I'll see if I can get good enough to finally submit something eventually. I just hope a something of this caliber can happen so I can partake in the speedrunning community of this game a bit.

I'd rather not allow multicredit or nondefault runs in the main categories, due to the long history of 1cc/default runs being standard (both in the Touhou series and the stg genre in general)

However, if you want I can make a no restrictions category under misc with subcategories for difficulty etc

Tennessee, USA

I'm mainly just looking for any category where I can submit something of a run, so, yeah, that would be great! I would be grateful if you could make it happen. (and possibly on other Touhou games that you're moderater of (if possible) too?)

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