Any% RNG Manip Reroute
5 years ago
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The new route is still in its infancy however I wanted to make a thread dedicated to it.

Current Ideas:

Party members that could be removed from the route:

Landsknecht - The current route uses the landsknecht once in the run. The purpose of this member is to have the first Ragelope target it instead of the Palidin or Alchemist. This could possibly be routed out if RNG is manipulated differently. Just a thought.

Medic - I have talked to PPJ about this one for a while. The Medic is used 3 times over the course of the run. The first of which is in Stratum 1 where it gains enough levels to learn Cure and Unbind. It is then used again during one of the Stratum 3 grinding sections to use Unbind. It's main use is for the Ren and Tlatchga fight at the beginning of Stratum 5. It uses Unbind on Hexer 1 and then Unbind on Hexer 2. I don't believe the Medic is useful at all. It uses Unbind on characters that are bound however none of those binds impact the characters abilities so it only serves to advance the RNG values. I feel that the Medic could be replaced with another damage dealing character (Possibly another Hexer with Suicide).

Party members that will most likely stay:

6 Survivalists - They all play very important roles in the run. i.e. High Agility, S1 Take drops, Stalker, Ambush.

2 Alchemists - At the beginning of the run, Alchemist 1 is a huge asset with Poison. Alchemist 1 is also used a good bit through the rest of the run as well. Alchemist 2 is a toss up. It is used to deal with the Rollers in the Cernunnos fight as well as being utilized to quickly end all 3 fights in the Stratum 3 grinding section. Alchemist 2's future in the run is certainly something we should think about.

2 Hexers - Bar none probably the most useful class for fighting the late game bosses. They make quick work of Iwaopeln, Ren and Tlatchga, and Etreant. Evil Eye and Suicide absolutely cripple bosses and Relapse allows you to continually use Suicide without worrying about losing fear on them.

Dark Hunter - Dark Hunter makes Stratum 4 doable. Petrify is insane. There is no doubt in my mind that it is staying.

Paladin/Protector - Used in the entire run. Parry is super useful throughout the majority of the game and access to Anticold for Cotrangl is amazing. This will stay in the route unless we find some heavy manip for Cotrangl or something else comes up.

Route Changes:

Replace Medic with another Hexer - This could cut the turns for Iwaopeln, Ren and Tlatchga, and Etreant in half. Having another Hexer with Evil Eye and Suicide would double the possible damage output for the late game bosses.

Change Grinding to incorporate Petrify - I feel if instead of fighting long, menu intensive encounters to do the grinding section we could instead fight FOEs utilizing the Dark Hunter with manipulated petrifys. Again I have done no testing with this strategy but it is something to consider.

This is what I am thinking about atm. Please let me know if you guys have any other thoughts. Any ideas are appreciated :D

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