New Category request: Level 1 only completion
3 months ago
United States

I have heard of Elden Ring lvl 1 runs being completed and would like this to be added as a new category.

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United States

We have no plans currently on adding an RL1 category as there's been very little interest in it within the community. If you want to run it not having boards shouldn't stop you however LilZ

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Hello, I am a All_Remembrances type runner. May I ask if it is possible to add an NMG ranking before DLC, which simply prohibits chainsaw replacement and ZIP. You can use drop cancellations and misclassification, or only use ordinary forged stone weapons. This can increase the planning of the route and is very interesting, rather than the exclusive use of fading weapons in the AliExpress, which makes many interesting gameplay unable to be reflected in the AliExpress.

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United States

We have no plans to make any major board changes until after the DLC drops, but I will discuss NMG with the other moderators in the meantime.


thanks !!!


The next question is about the grades

I and a Chinese runner (PanPan_0351) submitted new results in the past few days

My score is ALL Remembrances

PanPan_0351 is in the any% Glitchless category

Do we need to leave a message here to remind the review after submitting for review?

to prevent the new scores we uploaded from being missed.

Or would it be better to leave a message after the PB upload?

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Hello, i think XQianC's category proposition would be a good thing to add. Categories that are in between Any% and All remembrances in terms of length would be pretty cool i think, because if you want to run a Glitchless category you don't have that much choice. Maybe an "All Great Runes" category could be a nice inbetween in terms of length.

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Bretagne, France

All Great Runes NMG would immediately be my favourite category by far

AGR could actually be a really different category from the others as there would be no need to fight Fire Giant and beyond and would be much quicker than AR

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Stockholm, Sweden

i want a ng+ category so you can use some end game weapons like rivers of blood etc

Tuscany, Italy

Categories can be added if there is enough competitive interest in the community. Some of the categories mentioned here have at some point been discussed by the community and the moderation, but nobody has ever suggested routes or posted finished runs of those categories.

As Tea mentioned above, if someone is interested in a given run, a leaderboard is not a necessary prerequisite for that run to be completed; on the other hand, it makes no sense to have a leaderboard which is empty or with only one run, as there is nothing to be ranked.

I encourage anyone who's interested in these runs to complete one and post about it in the Discord; interested people are definitely going to join the discussion and a category can be consequently created.

Do we need to leave a message here to remind the review after submitting for review?

No, moderators have a queue of all submitted runs and we try and verify them as time allows; none of them are going to be missed, but it can take a while as moderation happens on a voluntary basis and sometimes it's not easy to carve enough time to dedicate to the task.

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