Do NOT download the PC version in the Resources tab. Read about why here
3 years ago
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There is nothing wrong with the download link itself, it's what is hidden in the games files that you need to be worried about.

Having them on your PC is fine. Installing the game however will install an anti-piracy protection program called Starforce silently on your PC that does not work properly. When you install the game, it will ask you to reboot. When you do, your PC will fail to boot windows because of the Starforce drivers.

Here is what windows says the issue is in the log file in system 32: Boot critical file c:\windows\system32\drivers\sfsync02.sys is corrupt.

Repair action: File repair Result: Failed. Error code = 0x57 Time taken = 1359 ms

Repair action: System files integrity check and repair Result: Failed. Error code = 0x57 Time taken = 938 ms

More info on it here:

I used System Restore to fix my PC. Safe mode does not work, as the sfc driver is designed to boot even in safe mode. It will kick you back to the auto repair screen, and tell you Windows can't fix it. At least that is what happened to me and one other person. Keep in mind, if you do not have some kind of backup for your stuff, you are pretty much screwed in terms of keeping your files. (unless you know something I don't, which is very likely lol)

You can also use the Windows media creation tool which can be found here:

You will need an external storage device with a min. of 8 gigs to install windows 10 on to reinstall on your PC if necessary. Doing it from the computer might not work. Didn't for me.

I know I posted this partially on an existing thread, but I feel like this needs to be it's own forum post, that way if someone happens to download it, and don't know what the fuck is happening, at least this is here to provide SOME kind of solution, or at least point someone in the right direction of one. I wasn't gonna post any of this because I thought I might have done something wrong, or maybe just my own bad luck, but some people in my Discord tested it out as well, and they had it happen to them as well. Same issues.

TLDR; Do NOT download game from resources, will make pc go brr. If it doesn't happen to you, your pc got lucky to live another day. I, and my newly destroyed PC envy you.

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I had that happen because I didn't copy over the files in the "Crack" folder. If you copy those over, it should work fine.

California, USA

@oneeyeddeacon I did that too, twice, and it did not work. So did a few others. That works for some people supposedly but not all, and is not a viable fix.

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3 years ago

Deleted the link to the PC version for now. This has been known for quite some time (Konasumi had to reinstall Windows once) and it was really a crapshoot as we didn't know why it happened. Open to ideas as to how to best solve this issue

California, USA

@Peanut Yeah, I had to reinstall Windows as well. Tested it twice. 1st time I had a backup, 2nd time I didn't. But that was my own fault.

If anyone is ever gonna test this themselves, Back your stuff up.

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Just to confirm, was it only an issue with the downloading process itself? I downloaded it before this post, and had zero issues on the installation

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2 years ago

Just a follow up, but you can run the game just fine if you install it, use the files from the "Crack" folder and also delete any of the files named "protect" (protect.dll, protect.exe, protect.msg). The installer itself doesn't install the StarForce DRM, only launching the game does (from my experience). I also own the game physically so nothing to do with the download that we had.

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Just wanted to 2nd zoton2's post it is the main thing you wanna read to finish this download and not get bricked. Note: once you delete the drm, the crack folders take its place. This fixes the "file cannot run protect.dll not found" error message.

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there a website Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures by WOODARKO - Game Jolt it works just by unzipping file with 7 zip no starforce

if anyones still interested

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