Updates to Dying Light Speedrunning
3 years ago
New Zealand

Hey guys, recently there's been a large overhaul to the leaderboards. I'll list everything that has happened recently and will try to answer any questions regarding these changes.

  • Any% Glitchless category has been added. This has been due to the demand from various users on the forum as well as on the Discord. Rules are the same as coop glitchless.

  • Older runs or runs submitted with no RTA Loadless times have been updated to include them. This was due to the leaderboards for some categories being skewed with runs only showing in-game times.

  • Rules update for The Following solo category. Timers now start after the loading screen ends when you first start the run. Details are shown in the category rules on its page. Runs are also being re-timed from these rule changes.

  • Updated game rules to ban the usage of event items in runs. This includes all items which are event-exclusive. Events that can help a run such as a 2x xp multiplier are not allowed in runs, and must be disabled, or waited out until the event ends.

  • Added Bozak solo & Coop categories. These categories follow the same rules as Prison, with some little tweaks added. They also use the IGT that Bozak has during the run as a timer, so if submitting to these categories then fill the RTA time with the IGT.

  • UPDATE: Removed the "Put N/A for each unused slot" for all the coop categories.

  • UPDATE: Added each Parkour Fever challenge as levels, underneath the "Parkour Fever" level category. Runs submitted here will include milliseconds in their times. Because of this, the game rules have been updated to include: "Milliseconds are only required for level runs, and are not taken into account for full game runs."

  • UPDATE: Added NG+ Coop as a category. The rules are the same as regular coop, however now incorporating NG+ saves. This means that glitches are allowed, as well as fully leveled characters and items.

  • UPDATE: I've also implemented a new rule in each main coop category. This rule is that players cannot move while in a coop run, until all players are in the session. This rule was already enforced but without proper written clarification. This has been rectified.

  • UPDATE: Added NG+ Glitchless category. This will have a blend of the rules of NG+ and Glitchless. Also worthy of note is the addition to all the NG+ category rules: Wording has been altered to include the "Restart From Quest - First Assignment" option in starting runs, as long as the save is already NG+ beforehand.

  • UPDATE: Added two new categories - The Following (No Easter Egg) - The Following Coop (No Easter Egg). Both of which have been added as main game categories, and ready for run submissions. This has been introduced after a recent form with 28 total votes.

  • UPDATE: CATEGORY EXTENSIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED - Allen Starburst has been created as a moderator there. Here's a link to the list: https://www.speedrun.com/dying_light_category_extension

  • UPDATE: Removed "Your fps MUST be limited to a maximum of 60 during a run, AND shown on the video. (Excluding console runs)" from the ruling list, this was done due to testing out the game running on higher and lower FPS values.

  • UPDATE: Renamed Glitchless (Any%) to No Major Glitches (Any%), this was mainly because of the category extension Glitchless / Warpless, and that the NMG category still utilizes some glitches.

  • UPDATE: Enforcing all PoVs of each runner to be submitted when submitting coop runs. New sticky post talks about this in greater detail.

  • I am your new mod, so I'll make sure to be as active as I can and respond to any questions, or oversee run submissions the best I can.

  • BOZAK_115 is now a moderator too, so be sure to contact either of us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • SYZNBRAIN is now a moderator, feel free to welcome him on behalf of everyone.

If there are any new changes, I'll make sure to edit them in to this thread.

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Sorry for general question in this thread but is it ok to submit run where fps counter captured from steam overlay?

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New Zealand

Yes that's fine, as long we're able to see the FPS count.

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Many thanks for answer!

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