to any speedrunners who want to speedrun DL2 might wanna read this
6 months ago
Maha Sarakham, Thailand

(note) i'm little suck for typing in English, so ... no mind me, ok?

wuddup. today i got some little advice for speedrunners who want to pick DL2 for speedrunning

because recently techland update DL2 a lot (since i'm speedrun DL2 like a lot too), and patch update more likely "to nerfs and patch" any stuffs in this game and make it more "glitchless" and more "difficult to speedrun"

so, if you want to speedrun this game, here is my suggested patch for speedrunning in this game "and which is good too, because some not nerfed and not patched too much".

here is a details, just simple details (and i'm not going to explain more details because i'm not good w/ that)

  • 1.0.6 (Old Pach) which got many glitches and skip that can do so easily.
  • 1.3.0 (Current) most routing is patched and some glitch (like buypass glitch) isn't working anymore "but this patch, zombies and weapons boost for ledge boost and melee hit boost is not nerfed (but nerfed on patch 1.6.0+ upwards) which is good to speedrun", and ... yeah you'll see some weird glitches in this patch too.
  • 1.10.2 (Current) this patch nerfed a lot on zombie (it more likely to grab you), also melee hit speed (which is hard to do for melee ledge boost and hit boost), for NG Run maybe rough.

so ... if you're not sure which patch is suitable to you? you can try to downpatch this game by using downpatcher to download specific version (or all of it, is up to you), you can download in here >

and guide about how to download is here >

if you want to discuss more about this stuff, you can talk in this discord server here >

that's all from me, see around

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