for anyone who want to request for new DL2 Category, here is my advice (dumb idea)
5 months ago
Maha Sarakham, Thailand

note ... i'm little speak or type in english, so no mind later, ok? (and if you're boring to read this, just keep scroll down to main point)

wuddub today i'm here to talking about "how to request for new DL2 Category?"

because runners around here like to see something "new" like ... other category like NG+, Low%, All Collectibles, 100% Run, or even weird category like Suicide%, Kill Hakon%, No Jump% (which who da hell is gonna do that?)

but there ... is a wall, a wall that prevent people to request that, you know why?

there is a rule, the rule is call "2 Runners Rule"

here is story: so people here have conversation about this before (and also in DL Discord Server), and here is what's super modulator said ...

"because we add new category by popularity (meaning is ... main category that's interesting to runner, or mostly runner might wanna speedrun that), to add new category in this leaderboard, you must have 2 runners to speedrun it to prove that"

after this word later, still no clarify about how to do that? "for sure"

so ... yeah, i got better idea to do that, but it's pretty "DUMB" idea, you think you wanna do that?

... here is how to:

  1. make sure "you" and "your friends" got difference run video w/ same category for request (MUST BE FULL RUN, and NOT your same video, and that isn't category that's already put it in leaderboard) note ... for better chance, you need 3-5 runner for this
  2. join DL Discord Server ... here > note ... be sure to talk about this in #General Channel (if w/o DM)
  3. aim to ping or DM to @ Super Moderator ( recommended to ping or DM this man > @ AussieGG ) note ... please ping him and pat him w/ care, hehe~
  4. show your run and your friend run, then add description about this run and reason of why you want to add this category to DL2 Leaderboard?
  5. then ... just wait for result ... "if that category you requested and it appeared in DL2 Leaderboard, congratulation (so that you are available to submit your run to that category you just requested)"

but if you have no friends and don't know how to find friends to make run for this new category, here is my "DUMB" advice ...

"just join DL Discord Server, then try to ask if someone who're wanna do this (they may interesting) or try ping someone w/ @ Runner role (not anyone w/ this role will wanna make run for this)"

so ... that's all, thank for read this dumb advice, happy DL2 speedrunning

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