Deus Ex on Modern Systems / Deus Ex Renderers

Allows Deus Ex to be played on modern systems. Requires patch 1.112fm (external link)

By Kentie

Deus Ex SDK

View, edit and create maps. (external link)

By Ion Storm

Extractor and Decompiler

Extract and decompile the game's files. THE PROGRAM ERASES ALL FILES IN THE FOLDER IT EXTRACTS/DECOMPILES TO. BE WARNED. (external link)

By Tut

High Definition Texture Pack

Improved textures. (external link)

By Off Topic Productions

New Vision

Improved graphics. (external link)

By DaveW


08_NYC_Street Backup

Unedited version of 08_NYC_Street (GotY) (direct download)

08_NYC_Street Edited

Edited version of 08_NYC_Street (GotY) containing removed music (direct download)

Deus Ex - Amazon

Amazon version of Deus Ex, GotY (external link)

By Ion Storm

Deus Ex - GoG

Good Old Games version of Deus Ex, GotY (external link)

By Ion Storm

Deus Ex - Steam Store

Steam version of Deus Ex, GotY. (external link)

By Ion Storm


Splits for autosplitter

Splits for any% with the autosplitter (direct download)

By jelmereejelmeree


Edited User.ini file

Edited User.ini file for use in Any% runs. Feel free to edit the keys to your liking. (direct download)

By LabbekakLabbekak

Malkavian Mod

Comedy mod for Deus Ex. (external link)

By Malkavian

Nihilum Mod

Another game based around the Deus Ex world. (external link)

By Nihilum

Patch 1.112fm (Multiplayer)

Patch needed for the Deus Ex renderer and some glitches. (external link)

By Ion Storm

Shifter Mod

Includes additional augmentations, unique weapons, new game mechanics, bugfixes, restored game content, and even a complete and working alt-fire option for almost every weapon. (external link)

By Yukichigai

The Nameless Mod

A new game based around the Deus Ex world. (external link)

By Off Topic Productions

Unedited User.ini file

Unedited User.ini, use if you messed up your own file. (direct download)

By LabbekakLabbekak

User.ini file

User.ini file with 4 added save/load keys (direct download)

By jelmereejelmeree