Regarding low% rules
4 years ago

In this category you are not allowed to pick up any sub weapons, even if you don't use them. This has been a rule ever since TMR and Joka created the category. Quite a few runners dislike the rule claiming it to be pointless and that what matters is that you don't use the sub weapons.

There are 3 spots where you have to avoid grabbing a sub weapon in your way (you can check them out in the link if you're interested). Removing the rule would make the run 0.4 seconds faster.

Thoughts on this? Should grabbing sub weapons be allowed as long as you don't use them or should the rule stand as it is? Personally I'm of the opinion that the rule should stand. However if it keeps players from running the category it might be worth changing it.

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That rule was very annoying after running Any%, even after learning low% there were some runs with picking up sub weapon by accident. So I think it should be allowed, 0.4 is incredibly small time save for a 13-14 min run.

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So is this rule active still?


I updated the rule a while back but forgot to mention it here. You are allowed to pick up the sub weapons but not use them under any circumstances.

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