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I have updated the rules for all the Dragon Warrior categories. The goal of this update was not to change any rules, but to properly define what already is and is not allowed for each category.

The other piece was to put in place rules for emulated runs of the game. I borrowed these from other games, most notably SMB1 as they have already put in a bunch of work to determine what emulators run NES games accurately.

Here is an overview of the rules:

• Video is required for all submissions. If you use Twitch, make a highlight of your video for submission.
• Allowed emulators: FCEUX, Nestopia, Bizhawk, OpenEMU
• Emulator specific functionality is banned (e.g. save states, binding multiple keys, Run-Ahead, RAM Watch, etc...).


• Turbo is banned.
• Timing starts on confirmation of Message Speed on a new file.
• Timing ends after advancing past the text box “If ever I am to rule a country, it must be a land that I myself find.” (last required input)


Each category also has specific rules, you can see those on each individual leaderboard.

If there is anything that I missed or if you have questions, please post in this thread. I will edit this post with any rule updates.