The holy grail of dustforce speedrunning; includes IL leaderboards, player profile pages, leaderboards for several other things (apple%, character specific, custom maps, etc) and tools that are insanely useful for tracking your runs. Also includes many other tools, including Dustmod, replay comparison, and even replay composers for creating Tool-Assisted runs. While is our primary leaderboard for fullgame runs, a leaderboard that automatically receives data from any player playing the game will be far more current, reliable, and trustworthy in the long run. Posting IL runs here would be redundant. Setup instructions can be found on the sidebar under "Setup Instructions"; when it works, all runs you finish should automatically submit to the leaderboards to be processed, and you should be able to view any replay that the site is able to pick up from other users. (external link)
Last Updated:
Dustmod only. To use this, add the Scriptable Auto Splitter component to your layout and point it to this file in the component settings. If you're running dustmod from somewhere other than the windows default steam install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dustforce), you'll need to change line 12 to your dustmod working directory. (direct download)
Last Updated:
Krankdud's save manager. Only compatible with Steam version. (direct download)
Last Updated:
All levels unlocked, no completion on doors. Intended to be used with Krank's save manager for unmodded Dustforce (direct download)
Based on Dice's 16 red keys route. Subject to change. (external link)
Any% all levels with a split for each level. Notes included in file. (external link)
Outlined sprites. Cosmetic only. (external link)